Gym Club Rules

  • Please arrive on time for your session. (If you are early please wait patiently outside the door until you are called in).

  • Long hair must be tied back.

  • No jewellery to be worn in the gym. If you have a piercing that is new and cannot be removed during the healing process you must cover it with sports tape.

  • Gymnasts must be dressed appropriately for training: training leotard, shorts/leggings.

  • Gymnasts must be dropped off to the gym door by their parents/guardian.

  • Gymnasts are to treat coaches with respect and listen to any instructions carefully. Gemstones will not tolerate any back chat or poor attitude.

  • Gymnasts are asked to treat others with kindness and respect and must not use bad language. Gemstones has a zero tolerance on bad manners, poor behaviour and bullying. Failure to follow this will result in the parent/guardian being spoken to and may result in the gymnast being asked to leave the gymnastics club.

  • Gymnasts are asked to treat all gymnastics equipment with care and respect.

  • Any injuries or illnesses should be reported to your coach at the beginning of the session.

  • No chewing gum is allowed in the gym.

  • Gymnasts are to stay in the changing rooms until picked up by their parent/guardian.

  • Gymnasts are under no circumstance allowed to leave the gym without notifying a coach first e.g if you need the toilet or a drink you must ask your coach first.

  • At any events or competitions gymnasts must show the utmost respect and sportsmanship for all opponents and fellow members. Remember you are promoting Gemstones.

  • Gymnasts are not permitted to be a member of Gemstones while also being a member of, or training with, another gymnastics club. 

  • If you have any issues or problems about the club or your session please report these to your coach. Do not suffer in silence. We are here to listen and help!

  • Most importantly work hard, be safe, have fun and always smile :-)


I have read and understand the club rules: _____________________________________
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