Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures - Checklist and Contact Points


Nearest telephone:

  • In hallway leading to sports hall

  • Mobile phone (located with Head Coach and another with Club Secretary)


Nearest First Aid provisions:

  • Green first aid box with Club Secretary

  • First Aid kit (with Head Coach)


Name of First Aid providers:

  • Jade Eden

  • Nikki Eden


Name and contact point of club Welfare Officer:

  • Gloria Grant


Location of nearest fire exits:

  • Set of double doors to the side of the sports hall

  • Main Sports Hall Entrance


Assembly Point in the event of a fire or bomb threat:

  • Playground at back of school, next to playing fields


Procedure in the event of a fire:

  • Should the alarm be activated the Head Coach will immediately stop the gymnastics session

  • Assistant Coaches and Junior Coaches will lead the gymnasts out of the gymnasium to the playground at back of school, next to playing fields

  • Head Coach/Coach in charge (Jade) and Club Secretary (Nikki) will stay behind to close doors, windows and check all toilets for any gymnasts left behind. Once they are happy that the building is secure they will join the group in the playground where they will take a register to account for all persons and contact the fire service to ensure they are on their way

  • Everyone will wait for the fire service to give the all clear before re-entering the building


Procedure in the event of an accident:

  • Should an accident happen in the gymnasium all gymnasts must be moved away from the injured party

  • Assistant Coach(es) will be requested to call for an ambulance and inform injured persons parent/guardian whilst Head Coach stays with injured person

  • Junior coaches will take care of remaining gymnasts until the ambulance arrives

  • It may be at this point either the Assistant Coach or Head Coach will need to go to hospital with the injured gymnast and a decision will be made about the remainder of the session