Tropical triumph

Thirteen Gemstones' gymnasts competed in the Bahamas with a fantastic set of results in the club's first four-piece competition.

Bronze team - 1st
Hana - 1st All Around ,Vault 3rd, Bars 3rd, Floor 1st;
Phoebe - 2nd All Around ,Vault 1st, Bars 1st, Floor 3rd; Tilly - Floor 2nd; Pola - 1st All Around, Vault 2nd, Beam 2nd, Bars 2nd, Floor 1st.

Silver team - 1st
Josie - 8th All Around, Vault 1st, Beam 8th, Floor 7th;
Flo - 6th All Around, Vault 9th, Bars 5th, Floor 1st;  Georgia- 5th All Around , Vault 3rd, Beam 6th, Floor 6th; Amirah - 4th All Around, Vault 2nd, Beam 2nd, Floor 2nd; Ham - 2nd All Around, Vault 5th, Bars 8th, Beam 3rd, Floor 3rd.


Gold team - 5th

Jezebel; Annabelle - 10th All Around , Vault 6th, Beam 7th, Floor 2nd; Emily - 5th All Around , Vault 2nd, Floor 3rd; Olivia - 6th All Around, Vault 4th, Beam 6th, Floor 1st.